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High-octane, entertaining, award-winning fiction with a social justice edge. 

Pumpjack Press books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and indie bookstores. Titles can be ordered wholesale through Ingram Book Company and Baker & Taylor, offering bookstores and libraries standard industry discounts.

Booksellers: Please contact us at info@pumpjackpress for customized ordering options, including returns. 

Pumpjack Press is an author-based publishing platform established by Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall in 2012 and based out of Portland, Oregon. The press is a nucleus around which we intend to support writers, artists and activists. 

Read about Clark and Kathleen here, including a shooting incident in a sky-blue tuxedo and an (unassociated) near death experience. 

We welcome submissions for Blowout: The Pumpjack blog—personal narrative, poetry, playlists, event reviews, opinion and more. We like traditional forms and experimental/edgy too. There are no specific topics. Tap your creative reserves. 

Submissions for fiction are open (short form for publication on the website or long-form for collaborative publication consideration/solutions under the Pumpjack Press imprint). 

We welcome suggestions for book reviews and accept ARCs if the book is in pre-publication but generally, if we are persuaded to review a book, we are happy to buy it. 

If you are a reviewer and would like copies of Pumpjack Press books, or to interview our authors, please get in touch. 

We respond to all inquiries, although it may take a little time. If you've not heard back within a week, feel free to nudge.

Please include all information in the body of your email. For obvious reasons related to web security, we won't open attachments or click on links unless the query is from a known sender. 

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