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Rise up, bite out a chunk of corporate corruption

Here are a few call-outs from recent reviews:

"Centered on an intriguing question: What if Bonnie and Clyde weren't gunned down in 1934, but were instead kidnapped by a secret organization that wanted to ensure the New Deal overcame bitter opposition from the 1 percent? Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road is a taut, fast-paced, fun read that cuts agilely back and forth between the anti-heroes' Depression-era escapades and a modern-day reporter trying to revive his career with a big scoop, all while addressing serious topics such as income inequality." The Oregonian

"Bonnie & Clyde: Resurrection Road is anything is a thought-provoking, fantastic story of actions, consequences, and the driving forces that turn the chaos of youth into a measured effort to achieve redemption in adulthood. As the 'good fight' changes and Bonnie and Clyde realize that their past efforts pale in comparison to this task, so readers receive a healthy dose of introspection to ice the cake of action. Thriller fans seeking an engrossing read that continually twists history to provide thought-provoking new outcomes will relish the blend of action and psychology that make Bonnie & Clyde: Resurrection Road an exceptional re-working of the past." Midwest Book Review
"Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall are back with an alternate-history series exploring what might have happened if Bonnie and Clyde were given a second chance to atone for their crimes, and their signature blend of sex, danger and intrigue, coupled with just the right dose of cheeky humor, is along for the ride." East Oregonian

“Hays and McFall make their Depression-era tale timely with reflections on wealthy fat cats and a rigged economic system that still ring true. More than that, the story is an exciting ride, with tight corners, narrow escapes, and real romantic heat between Bonnie and Clyde. Outlaws become patriots in this imaginative, suspenseful what-if story.” Kirkus Reviews

"During a time in our American history where the common man has become destitute due to natural disaster and manipulations by the industrial capitalists we step into an altered view of the deaths of Bonnie and Clyde. Yes...THAT Bonnie and Clyde. Set with detailed flashbacks that describe the antics of Bonnie and Clyde along with other unforgettable characters, we learn how the downtrodden are able to rise up and bite a chunk out of corporate corruption." S. Crosby, an Amazon reader

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