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An author interview with KBOO

"How would you describe writing with a partner? It's like trying to wrestle down a tornado cloaked in barbed wire." 

Clark and Kathleen recently sat for a live interview with Ken Jones at KBOO, Portland's iconic community radio station recently. Have a listen. 

Here's the station's promo: "What if the notorious outlaws and lovers—Bonnie and Clyde—didn’t die in a hail of gunfire in Lousiana in 1934? That’s the question our KBOO News In Depth guests—Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall—ask, and answer, in their Bonnie and Clyde series of novels. Clark and Kathleen are a real-life couple, who also write together. But, as far as we know, they don’t rob banks. We’re fortunate to have both Clark and Kathleen live with us in the KBOO studios to talk about their new book, the historical and fictional Bonnie and Clyde, the rise and fall of labor unions in the U.S., cowboys and vampires, and writing as a relationship tool." And here's the link to listen!