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Book Review: Seven Types of Ambiguity by William Empson

William Empson was a noted British literary critic and poet. (Interestingly, he was apparently drummed out of Magdalene College, Cambridge, for the shocking crime of having condoms in his room. That’s their loss.) He went on to distinguish himself for writing and for exceptional and insightful literary criticism. His most influential work was his first, Seven Types of Ambiguity, written at the tender age of 22! It’s a classic for a reason; he sets for himself the monumental task of understanding how poetry “works” — why, when done well, it moves us and sticks with us even though it was written in eras long past?

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Book Review: Gaspara Stampa: Selected Poems

I picked up this collection because I wanted to (finally) understand the famous line in Rilke’s first elegy:
“Have you imagined Gaspara Stampa intensely enough so that any girl deserted by her beloved might be inspired by that fierce example of soaring, objectless love and might say to herself, "Perhaps I can be like her?"

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Book Review: I Am Drusilla by Lucille Moncrief

I Am Drusilla by Lucille Moncrief is an intense gem of a story—short, fast moving and thoroughly entertaining. I read this Kindle Single in less than an hour and it nicely filled the otherwise dull period between waiting, boarding and the take off of a plane.

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