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Book Review: I Am Drusilla by Lucille Moncrief


I Am Drusilla by Lucille Moncrief is an intense gem of a story—short, fast moving and thoroughly entertaining. I read this Kindle Single in less than an hour and it nicely filled the otherwise dull period between waiting, boarding and the take off of a plane.

This was my first time reading Moncrief but it won’t be the last; Moncrief is a talented writer. I’ll stay away from overly summarizing the plot of I am Drusilla, given the story’s brevity but suffice it to say, in the space of that hour, Moncrief deftly led me through flashes of an array of emotions—joy, despair, horror, terror, love and triumph. That’s a lot to deliver at any length, and this author succeeds.

Additionally, the world building is exceptionally well done. Even now, days after I read the story, I can still conjure up the beginning-of-time setting, the warm breeze of an eternal summer—a place where gods and mortals dwelled peacefully. “Light and warmth embraced the Elysian field, and perpetual summer renewed its strength.”

I was impressed by how Moncreif mirrored mythological stories told across time related to the hero’s journey into the underworld along with the complicated nature of family ties. From Orpheus to Odin to Agamemnon, there are reasons why these stories—and their lessons—persist and resonate across the centuries, including into our modern era. Moncrief captures those existential underpinnings while translating them into a vivid and fresh gothic context.

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