The return of Bonnie and Clyde

A new novel from award-winning authors Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall

Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road

Saving democracy one bank robbery at a time. 

"A sleep wrecker!"


"A Depression-era tale timely with reflections on wealthy fat cats and a rigged economic system that still ring true. More than that, the story is an exciting ride, with tight corners, narrow escapes, and real romantic heat between Bonnie and Clyde."

"Exceptional. A fantastic story!"

"Outlaws become patriots in this imaginative, suspenseful what-if story." 

"As the rich get richer and the middle class becomes more desperate in present-day America, Resurrection Road is a timely reminder that sometimes the solution to a problem comes from the least likely source."

"Sex, danger and intrigue, with just the right amount of cheeky humor." 

"Imaginative and absorbing!"

Available as eBook and softcover

The story begins in 1984 when a reporter gets a tip to meet an old woman at a Texas cemetery. Cradling an antique rifle and standing over a freshly dug grave, the elderly woman claims to be Bonnie Parker, there to bury the love of her life, Clyde Barrow. 

She insists that back in 1934, the photos of their bloodied bullet-riddled corpses and the funerals were all faked. Instead, the outlaw lovers were kidnapped by a secret organization defending American democracy and the working class from capitalist greed and given a dangerous and desperate assignment.

Rooted in historical fact, the novel builds on an assassination attempt on president-elect Roosevelt by Giuseppe Zangara in 1933. Zangara claimed to be motivated by anti-capitalist sentiments but a hasty conviction and subsequent death-by-electrocution left unanswered questions about who may have actually been behind the deadly plot.


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Historically and biographically authentic fiction.

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