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Recent coverage and reviews

GoodDAY!, the magazine of The National Grange—The National Grange features the third book in the trilogy, Radioactive, in their print magazine, describing the role the grange plays to assist Bonnie and Clyde in their covert quests. “Grange members are quiet heroes in all three books—they provide a network of safe houses so the reformed outlaws can accomplish their missions to defend the working class and rural Americans. In Radioactive, Grange members play their biggest role yet. Hays and McFall have long admired the Grange, and got the idea for making the organization a pivotal character in the what-if trilogy from historical research combined with road trips around their home in Oregon where the Grange is active.” Read the full article here.

Tulsa World—Back again: Bonnie and Clyde return for another 'trip' to Oklahoma. Such a fun interview with @Jimmietramel about the last book in the Bonnie and Clyde trilogy, Radioactive. “The real-life path of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow took the famous criminals through Oklahoma. Even though they are long deceased, Bonnie and Clyde now have a reason to be in Norman. How is that possible?” Read the August 16 article and interview here.

KBOO Community Radio—We had a great time on KBOO on the News In Depth segment with host Ken Jones. Here is the KBOO promo: If you’re a fan of the classic film Bonnie and Clyde – <spoiler alert> – you know the outlaw couple didn’t make it out alive. At least in real life. But an Oregon writing couple have revived the infamous lovers in a trilogy of historical fiction, that asks the question: What if Bonnie and Clyde lived through that barrage of bullets, and were offered a chance at redemption? Working as spies for a secret organization, on a mission to save American democracy?” Stream the July 1 conversation here. (Ken is an exceptional interviewer!)

Lifestyle blog LIFNEY lists the Bonnie and Clyde trilogy as one of the best books to read on a sunny beach, check out the June 2019 full list here.

The East Oregonian publishes a book review. “The third and final installment hit bookstores with an atomic blast. Hays and McFall have a knack for creating strong, clever female characters paired with steady, supportive (though sometimes clueless) partners. Building an alternate history around two of America’s most notorious criminals, where Bonnie and Clyde’s reluctant participation evolves into active patriotism over the course of the series, is nothing short of incredible.” East Oregonian (June 2019) review of Radioactive, read the full piece by Renee Struthers here.

The Boulder City Review runs an editorial. “Crazy as it sounds, I started rooting for the outlaws. Perhaps it was because they realized the opportunity they were presented with: a do-over, so to speak, of their lives and they took advantage of their good fortune to help those they had wronged. Adding appeal to the tale was the time jump between the past and present as a widowed Bonnie tells her story to a grizzled reporter who has just landed the story of a lifetime — and someone was trying to prevent him from sharing the news.” Boulder City Review (May 2019) Read Editor Hali Bernstein Saylor’s full column about the release of Radioactive here.

Midwest Book Review releases their review. “A literary breath of fresh air. Unexpected delights in a story that excels in nonstop surprises. And as with the other books, the humor is a driving force. With its thriller component tempered by mystery, historical fact, political interactions, and gunslinger intrigue, Bonnie & Clyde: Radioactive is a powerful series addition. It deftly evolves from a story of thieves and murders to an inspection of war, social issues, and second chances not just for the characters, but for America itself.” Midwest Book Review (April 2019) of Radioactive.

Kirkus Reviews gives Radioactive a big thumbs-up. “Another winner in this highly entertaining series, capped off with satisfying revelations. Hays and McFall keep up the momentum in this third series outing, which features plenty of action and danger. There are also intermittent steamy interludes between Bonnie and Clyde, who come off as a wisecracking, low-rent version of Nick and Nora Charles from The Thin Man. Tricky puzzles, chases, spycraft, and red herrings keep the plot bubbling along. But underlying all the shenanigans is a serious consideration of the nature of patriotism in an America that’s increasingly becoming dominated by the military-industrial complex.” Kirkus Reviews Read the full review here (March 2019) of Radioactive

The New Yorker Magazine: The Mail—A Novel Therapy (July 2018)

KBOO Community Radio—Live on-air interview with host Ken Jones. Listen here (July 2018)

Kirkus Reviews Magazine—Author interview. “Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall talk to us about taking on the publishing industry.” Read it here (June 2018)

The Shreveport Times/USA TodayThree excerpts of Bonnie and Clyde: Dam Nation: Excerpt 1: “Bonnie and Clyde survived as crime fighters;” Excerpt 2: “Bonnie wonders who really died in that shoot-out;” Excerpt 3: “Bonnie and Clyde save rather than slay a lawman.” (May 2018)

Oklahoma’s TulsaWorld—Feature article and author interview by Jimmie Tramel, ”Bonnie and Clyde died 84 years ago this month, or did they?” (May 2018)

The Oregonian—Bookmarks review by Amy Wang, “The scofflaws go to Nevada to figure out who's trying to sabotage Boulder (now Hoover) Dam and find themselves in a thicket of union organizing, corporate greed and anarchy.” Read it here (April 2018)—Book review, “An intriguing what-if on a Depression-era subject that will inspire readers to do further research.” (April 2018)

Arizona Daily Sun/FlagLive—Feature article and author interview by MacKenzie Chase, “Dam Nation blends history and fantasy.” Read the article here (March 2018)

Nevada’s Boulder City Review—Feature article and author interview by Hali Bernstein Saylor, “From ‘Dam Nation’ to salvation; Authors’ twist on Bonnie, Clyde story brings them to Boulder City.” Read the article here (March 2018)

Montana’s The Whitehall Ledger—Feature article and author interview by Jack Smith. Read the story here (March 2018) 

The East Oregonian—Book review by Renee Struthers, “Dam Nation highlights the real-life turmoil of the 1930s as only Hays and McFall can­—shadowy intrigue, plenty of suspects and enough behind-the-scenes and under-the-covers action to keep the narrative sizzling along to the final page.” Read the full review here (March 2018)

Fresh Fiction—Book review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road. “If you are a history buff, you will want to read this book.” Check it out here (February 2018)

Kirkus Reviews—Book review Bonnie and Clyde: Dam Nation. “A crisply written, well-researched, and thoroughly entertaining romance/thriller/mystery.” Read the full review here (February 2018)

The Independent Publisher magazine—Feature article “Fighting about writing? Writing tips from award-winning authors Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall.” Check it out here (January 2018)

Lone Star Literary Review—Book review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road. Read the full review here (December 2017)

Pennsylvania’s The Reading Eagle—Feature article by Ron Devlin, “Novel about Bonnie and Clyde takes the duo through Reading.” Read the full article here (October 2017)

Good Day, the magazine of The National Grange—Feature article and review of Resurrection Road. “The nearly million-member strong National Grange takes on a starring role as a secret organization defending American democracy and the working class.” Read the full article here (September 2017)

Oklahoma’s TulsaWorld—Author interview by Jimmie Tramel, "Pop culture: On 50th anniversary of the 'Bonnie and Clyde' movie, here's a what-if tale." (August 2017)

Suspense Magazine—Radio interview with John Raab. Listen here (June 2017)

The Shreveport Times/USA Today—Excerpts from Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road, along with a dedicated landing page and video, “History Reimagined.” More than 35 regional newspapers in the USAToday network link to the Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road landing page (June 2017)

The Midwest Book Review: Book review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road. Read the full review here (June 2017)

The Oregonian—Bookmarks review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road by Amy Wang, “A taut, fast-paced, and fun read while still focusing on serious topics like income inequality.” Read it here (May 2017)

The East Oregonian—Book review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road by Renee Struthers. “As the rich get richer and the middle class becomes more desperate in present-day America, Resurrection Road is a timely reminder that sometimes the solution to a problem comes from the least likely source.” Read it here (April 2017)

IndieReader—Author interview, ”Clark Hays + Kathleen McFall on their “opposites-attract love story.” (April 2017)

Kirkus Reviews—Book review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road, “Hays and McFall make their Depression-era tale timely with reflections on wealthy fat cats and a rigged economic system that still ring true. More than that, the story is an exciting ride, with tight corners, narrow escapes, and real romantic heat between Bonnie and Clyde. Outlaws become patriots in this imaginative, suspenseful what-if story.” Read the full review here. (March 2017)

The Cowboy and the Vampire: The Last Sunset is awarded a Silver Ippy Medal for horror, is a finalist in Foreword Indie Book of the Year and is among the books recognized as the best of 2016 by IndieReader (January-March 2017)