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Nov 4—Four new book reviews posted on topics ranging from deleting your social media accounts to atheism to a novel told in forty rooms, check out our latest reviews along with the archives of interesting books (beyond the Pumpjack list) for your reading list.

Oct 19—Halloween is almost upon us! Celebrate #Horror Month! Twenty years ago on Oct. 31, Clark and Kathleen decided to get married and start writing horror together. Clark was dressed as the devil on vacation. Kathleen was a zombie fairy. Check out the post they wrote about this for the Horror Writers Association here.

Oct 2—Pumpjack is excited to announce that the draft of the third (last?) book in the Bonnie and Clyde series is done! Now on to editing and initial cover design. This third book, tentatively titled RADIOACTIVE, is set in the early 1940s at Hanford, Washington where parts of the first atomic bomb were built. Bonnie and Clyde have aged, of course, and are now in their mid-thirties.

August 30—#TBT to 1999! "Deliciously dark." Our very first review. The American Library Association flagship Booklist publication reviews the first edition of The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance. "Wyoming cowboy Tucker falls in love with the least likely person: Lizzie Vaughan, a reporter from New York who disrupts his life by writing an article about him, pegging him as the last living cowboy. While researching a new story on vampires, Lizzie becomes frightened, and returns to Wyoming and the waiting arms of Tucker. But the vampires, convinced that she is their queen, track her down, kidnap her, and bring her back to New York. Tucker, with his faithful dog, Rex, in tow, heads to New York ready to face whatever vampire terrors await him for the sake of his true love, Lizzie. But he arrives too late. Julius, the head vampire, has already turned Lizzie into one of his creatures. But love prevails, and Lizzie and Tucker must find a way to stay together--and stay out of the sun. This deliciously dark, witty novel will be a hit with fans of Anne Rice and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Reviewed May 15, 1999)."

August 9—Something's happenin' here, what it is ain't exactly clear...there's been an unusual (and welcome!) uptick in sales of The Cowboy and the Vampire. It's come out of the blue. We're not complaining, obviously, just a little curious (maybe someone of notoriety  was spotted reading it?) Check out the latest reviews here

July 12—The New Yorker magazine runs a letter to the editor describing the origins story of The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection. Submitted by Kathleen and Clark, the letter was a response to Anthony Lane's review of The President is Missing, a novel co-written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Is divorce an inevitable outcome of partners who write together? Check out the letter here A Novel Therapy. 

July 5—The KBOO interview is live and ready to stream! Here's the station promo: "What if the notorious outlaws and lovers—Bonnie and Clyde—didn’t die in a hail of gunfire in Lousiana in 1934? That’s the question our KBOO News In Depth guests—Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall—ask, and answer, in their Bonnie and Clyde series of novels. Clark and Kathleen are a real-life couple, who also write together. But, as far as we know, they don’t rob banks. We’re fortunate to have both Clark and Kathleen live with us in the KBOO studios to talk about their new book, the historical and fictional Bonnie and Clyde, the rise and fall of labor unions in the U.S., cowboys and vampires, and writing as a relationship tool." Here's the link to listen! 

June 24—Clark and Kathleen will be interviewed live on Portland's iconic community radio station KBOO on July 2 at 5:45 by Ken Jones. Please listen in!

June 12—Kirkus Reviews publishes an interview titled "Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall talk to us about taking on the publishing industry." Here's a little excerpt—Q: What makes your alternative timeline about Bonnie and Clyde relevant for today? A: The 1930s were characterized by unprecedented income and wealth inequality, homelessness, and poverty. Sound familiar? We see a role today for storytelling to remind readers that during the 1930s, the government reined in the more destructive aspects of capitalism with innovative policies and worker protections. We want to inspire people to demand similar solutions to our current economic challenges.

June 4—Exciting! The Shreveport Times, part of the USA Today Network, published three exclusive excerpts from Bonnie and Clyde: Dam Nation, running them over the Memorial Day weekend in both print and online editions. Check them out here. And don't miss the amazing video the newspaper created for Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road, also posted at the link above. Shreveport, Louisiana is very close to the site where the outlaw lovers "allegedly" met their end in the notorious ambush. 

May 23—Today, on the official 84th anniversary of the death of Bonnie and Clyde, we're thrilled to see it marked by an article by pop culture reporter Jimmie Tramel at Oklahoma's Tulsa World about Bonnie and Clyde: Dam Nation. Have a look at the article "Bonnie and Clyde died 84 years ago this month, or did they?"  

May 18—On May 23, eighty-four years ago, Bonnie and Clyde died in a bloody ambush. Or did they? What if they survived? Author interview and media release are here. 

May 16—Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road is named a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award, which honors the memory of the American philosopher known for his insights into the "nature of mass movements and the essence of humankind."  One of the largest international book awards for small, academic, and independent presses, the Hoffer seeks to highlight to the independent spirit of small publishers.

May 4—Name that character! Our first ever Pumpjack Press news was distributed! Have a look at the inaugural edition, covering Dam Nation reviews, pups named after the cowboy and vampire, the power of $5, and more. The next edition with be in June (fingers crossed), which will include a character-naming contest (become immortal, pitch your name!). Sign up below and read the Spring 2018 news here.

April 28—Our hometown paper The Oregonian publishes a piece about the publication of Dam Nation! "The scofflaws go to Nevada to figure out who's trying to sabotage Boulder (now Hoover) Dam and find themselves in a thicket of union organizing, corporate greed and anarchy." Read it here. 

April 18—"Fresh, timely, thoroughly entertaining." Kirkus Reviews selects Dam Nation to feature in their April subscriber print magazine. Check out the full review here. 

April 5—New review for Dam Nation from "An intriguing what-if on a Depression-era subject that will inspire readers to do further research. The characters of Bonnie and Clyde in Dam Nation are much more endearing than their depiction in Resurrection Road; it is obvious that they’re in repentance mode. Their laugh-out-loud banter and heart-warming antics make this a fast-paced and pleasant read. Expect another book on the horizon, as loose ends have been left once again." And that's right! Book 3 is in the works, set ten years later in Hanford, Washington. 

April 3—When bad people break good. We're honored to have a post about Dam Nation on the exceptional Girl Who Reads book blog. Here's the tag line: "As we publish the second book in a “what-if” series recasting the lives of Bonnie and Clyde, we reflect on the factors that draw readers to tales of atonement." Check out the full article here. 

March 24—Launch day! Social media is buzzing, and the East Oregonian published a review. "Dam Nation highlights the real-life turmoil of the 1930s as only Hays and McFall can­—shadowy intrigue, plenty of suspects and enough behind-the-scenes and under-the-covers action to keep the narrative sizzling along to the final page." Read the full review here

March 22—An article about the Dam Nation told against the background of the history of Bonnie and Clyde and the New Deal is published by the Arizona Daily Sun/FlagLive titled Dam Nation blends history and fantasy written by MacKenzie Chase. Here's a quick hit. "Dam Nation covers two mysteries as it jumps back and forth between Bonnie and Clyde’s lives as hard-working patriots at the [Hoover Dam] construction site in 1934 and then 50 years later as a journalist works to uncover who was actually shot in the car with help from a 74-year-old Bonnie." Read the awesome article here

March 22—Nevada's Boulder City Review publishes a feature article about the release of Dam Nation, anchored in an interview with Clark and Kathleen—Story Tellers Corner: From ‘Dam Nation’ to salvation; Authors’ twist on Bonnie, Clyde story brings them to Boulder City by Hali Bernstein SaylorWe are so very honored to appear in the pages of the newspaper where Dam Nation is set! What a thrill. Read the entire article here

March 21—Midwest Book Review releases a high-praise review of Dam Nation. Here's an excerpt. "A rollicking good read. The real history of the rise of unions and worker rights against the backdrop of a nation recovering from the Great Depression contributes to an engrossing, realistic scenario to a vivid read that blends fiction with nonfiction elements in a way that makes the book hard to put down. Dam Nation is the second book in the speculative fiction series; but newcomers need no prior familiarity with the series, in order to find it accessible."

March 1—The Whitehall Ledger gets the scoop on the origins of the "what-if" tale behind the Bonnie and Clyde series. (Dad's tall tales...) "During his childhood in Whitehall, Montana, Clark Hays would often hear quite the tales from his father who once convinced him that a car on their ranch had belonged to Bonnie and Clyde..." Read the story here

Feb 28—Fresh Fiction publishes a review of Resurrection Road. "I absolutely loved Resurrection Road! If you are a history buff, you will want to read this book and imagine if it is really true." Check it out here

Feb 24—Link for Kindle and paperback editions of Dam Nation are now live!

Feb 6—Kirkus Reviews weighs in with advance praise for Dam Nation, Book 2 in the Bonnie and Clyde series. "As in Resurrection Road, Hays and McFall evoke time and place well, and the story’s politics are fresh and timely. Readers will find Bonnie and Clyde to be great company, and the novel’s framing story (the widowed Bonnie’s 1984 recollections) gives their relationship an extra layer of poignancy. A crisply written, well-researched, and thoroughly entertaining romance/thriller/mystery." Check out the full review here. 

Jan 18—Fighting about writing? The Independent Publisher magazine ran a writing tips article by Clark and Kathleen about epic arguments they've had writing together, disguised as ten tips for writing. Check it out here. The magazine invited the tongue-in-cheek article after the fourth book in The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection, The Last Sunset, won a 2017 IPPY medal for horror. 

Jan 4—Breaking! Book 2 publication date set! Bonnie and Clyde: Dam Nation will be published March 24, 2018. Check back for details and join the mailing list for updates. And if you can correctly tell us why March 24 was selected as the pub date, you'll be entered you into a special release-day drawing to win signed copies of Books 1 and 2! 

Jan 1, 2018—The reviews for Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road are piling up. "OMG! From the first page of a woman standing over a grave to the end page of her walking away from a grave this book was a pure, thrilling, adventure read for me," wrote a reader on Amazon. Check them out here!


Dec 3—Lone Star Literary Life reviews Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road, saying: This new take on the 1934 deaths of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow is a fast-moving action-thriller rich with mystery, socio-political commentary, and lingering questions that set up a path for a possible sequel;  an absorbing, danger-rich thrill ride through some of the worst days of America’s Great Depression and troubled early months of FDR’s New Deal. Read the full review here.

Nov 10—And we're off! The second book in the Bonnie and Clyde series is powering forward, the ARC (advance readers copy) has just been shipped off to the line editor. Initial (killer!) design comps for the cover are in from TheBookDesigner. Publication date is early 2018. What's the title? Bonnie and Clyde: Dam Nation. Sign up for the Pumpjack Press newsletter for updates or shoot us a note at

Oct 15—Pumpjack Press is  running a Giveaway of the four books of The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection on the Horror Writers Association blog as part of their #HWAHalloweenHaunts extravaganza! Falling in love: The second most terrifying thing to happen on Halloween tells the true story of how Clark and Kathleen decided both to get married and write books together twenty years ago on a dark and stormy night... #Horrorweek

Oct 9—The Reading Eagle, the hometown newspaper of Kathleen's family, features Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road. The article by Ron Devlin describes parts of the "cleverly written" book that take the notorious duo through the Reading, Pennsylvania area, and also describes Kathleen's links to the area. Read the full article here. 

Sept 20—Excited by this wonderful coverage of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road in the awesome Good DAY!, the print magazine of The National Grange. Here's an excerpt: "The nearly million-member strong National Grange takes on a starring role as a secret organization defending American democracy and the working class. Grange Halls serve as safe houses for Bonnie and Clyde, a hospitality reminiscent of what founder Oliver Hudson Kelley planned when proposing his new agricultural, authentic landscapes of rural America, readers who enjoy history or conspiracy will find their blood running faster."  Read the full article here. 

Sept 13—Bonnie and Clyde: Behind the Headlines. Bonnie and Clyde both walked with a limp but for different reasons: torture and fire. Read about it here.

Aug 10—Underground Book Reviews gives The Cowboy and the Vampire five stars in its featured review. "More than a romance and breaking the stereotypes of both cowboys and vampires, this is a must-read if you enjoy unique fiction and fast-paced plots." Read the full review here.

Aug 9—Author Erin Cole posts a review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road on her blog. "I’ll admit—if I could cross lives with Bonnie and Clyde, I just might. Given the right night, who’s watching the kids, and the proper planetary alignment, who wouldn’t want to go out guns-a-blazen with a life partner in crime? But wait, maybe that’s not how it happened at all...." Check it out here. 

Aug 2—Jimmie Tramel of TulsaWorld publishes an interview with Clark and Kathleen about Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road, linking the new book to the 50th anniversary of the infamous Beatty-Dunaway film! "Pop culture: On 50th anniversary of 'Bonnie and Clyde' movie, here's a what-if tale."

July 18—Pumpjack Press's first reading period for submissions for book-length fiction submissions is now open! See About/Contact link for guidelines. 

July 12— reviews Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road calling it imaginative and absorbing. Read the review here!

July 8—After USAToday network picks up The Shreveport Times video and excerpts, more than 35 (and climbing!) regional newspapers link to their Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road landing page

June 3—What fun! A Blog-talk radio interview with Suspense Magazine's artful editor and interviewer John Raab. Listen here!

June 2—The Midwest Book Review calls Bonnie and Clyde "exceptional" and focuses on the theme of atonement in the novel. Read the full review here. 

June 1—The Shreveport Times excerpts Bonnie and Clyde for Louisiana readers, the site of the gun battle that (allegedly) killed Bonnie and Clyde. Check out this amazing landing page their team put together. We could not be more excited!

May 23—News Release and Author Interview—Book release day! Breaking news! Bonnie and Clyde never died! Worked covertly in defense of democracy and the "forgotten man" for decades! Media Kit with author photos and high-res covers are at this link. 

May 19: The Oregonian newspaper runs a review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road saying the book is a "taut, fast-paced, and fun read while still focusing on serious topics like income inequality." We are psyched!

May 9: The Shreveport Times produces and posts what may turn out to be the best short video of all time about Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road. Cannot get the haunting tune out of our heads. Wow. Check. It. Out

May 2: "Hays uses Whitehall as inspiration" — an article in Clark's hometown Montana newspaper profiles the role of a rural upbringing on our books. Check out the Whitehall Ledger article here. 

April 25: IndieReader runs a slightly embarassing and lengthy interview: Clark Hays + Kathleen McFall on their “opposites-attract love story forged in a fiery crucible of a passion that nearly burned us to the ground.” 

April 17: East Oregonian runs first newspaper review of Bonnie and Clyde: Resurrection Road. We like being called "cheeky." Read it here.

April 12: The Cowboy and the Vampire: The Last Sunset wins an "IPPY" Silver Medal in Horror category from the Independent Publishers. Read more here. We are bummed we can't make the award ceremony at the CoCoCabana in NYC.  

March 24: The Cowboy and the Vampire: The Last Sunset is a finalist for FOREWORD Indie Book of the Year in the category of Horror. Check out the complete list of finalists here.  

March 23: Kirkus Reviews gives a thumbs-up to Bonnie and Clyde Resurrection Road. “Hays and McFall make their Depression-era tale timely with reflections on wealthy fat cats and a rigged economic system that still ring true. More than that, the story is an exciting ride, with tight corners, narrow escapes, and real romantic heat between Bonnie and Clyde. Outlaws become patriots in this imaginative, suspenseful what-if story.” 

Feb 12: Pumpjack Press launches a new website.  For those of you who keep up with our news at the website for The Cowboy and the Vampire, stay tuned. We will redirect that website and much of its content here soon. 

Jan 15, 2017: The Cowboy and the Vampire Collection: The Last Sunset is among the books recognized as the best of 2016 by IndieReader.